AUCTIONED: June 16th, 2022

1,120 Acres tillable cropland offered in 5 parcels of 160 to 320 acres located near Hwy 183, South of Cordell, OK.

Image: Cordell Land Auction

DATE & TIME:   June 16th at 5pm

AUCTION LOCATION:  Washita Co. Activity Ctr., 1005 East 3rd St., Cordell, OK

INSPECTIONS:  During daylight hours

BUYER-BROKER:  3% commission for registered Brokers. Click to register.

LICENSE INFO:  OK RE Lic# 159708 Ronn Cunningham | Cunningham Johnson Auctions LLC

1,120 acres tillable farmland offered in 5 parcels located south of Interstate 40 near Cordell, OK in Washita County, OK.  All parcels may be accessed via paved and gravel county roads and are offered in 160 or 320 acre parcels. Click here to view the soil reports.

Parcel 1

  • 320 acres located  ½ mile West of Hwy 183 on E 1130 Rd just South of Bessie, OK
  • Road frontage on 3 sides
  • Boggy creek runs NW to SE through the property

Parcel 2

  • 160 acres located 1-mile East of Hwy 183 on E 1220 Road
  • Rock Creek runs NE to SW through property

Parcel 3

  • 160 acres located 3-miles East of Hwy 183 on E 1220 Road
  • Fork Cavalry Creek on SE corner of property

Parcel 4

  • 320 acres located 4.3-miles East of Hwy 183 on E 1220 Road
  • Road frontage on 3 sides

Parcel 5

  • 160 acres located 7-miles East of Hwy 183 on Hwy 55
  • Road frontage on 2 sides
Image: Cordell Land Auction
Cordell Land Auction - Overview
Image: Cordell Land Auction Parcel 1
Parcel 1 Aerial Overview
Image: Cordell Land Auction Parcel 2
Parcel 2 Aerial Overview
Image: Cordell Land Auction Parcel 4
Parcel 4 Aerial Overview
Image: Cordell Land Auction Parcel 3
Parcel 3 Aerial Overview
Image: Cordell Land Auction Parcel 5
Parcel 5 Aerial Overview


  • 3% Buyers premium applies. Buyer’s premium is an additional fee (3% of the high bid amount) paid by the high-bidder.
  • All parcels subject to any existing recorded easements.
  • Locations of parcel signs, maps, and picture illustrations are for reference only. Refer to survey for boundaries if available and/or legal descriptions. Fence lines may not follow property boundaries per survey.
  • Oil production staging areas are present on parcels 1 and 4.
  • No minerals convey.
  • Parcels acreage will convey via existing county legal descriptions on record.
  • Existing crops will not convey.
  • Buyers of parcels 1 & 3 will receive a portion of the crop proceeds when the crop is sold. Call CJ Auctions for details: 918-550-8118


  • All properties are being sold ‘as is, where is’ and are not subject to financing, inspections or any other contingencies.
    CJ Auctions represents the seller only.
  • The high bidder must make a 10% (Min $5,000) non-refundable deposit on sale day (cash, personal or cashier checks)
  • Buyer will receive trustee’s deed and title insurance.
  • Buyer will pay for (but not limited to) the closing fee & title policy. Taxes will be prorated through date of closing.
  • Balance and closing costs are due 30 days from seller acceptance.
  • Contact CJ Auctions for title commitment and copy of easements.
  • All bidders must register with CJ Auctions prior to bidding (registration is held 1-hour prior to auction) and provide a driver’s license or government-issued identification.
  • Absentee bidders must pre-register and qualify through CJ Auctions 48 hours prior to sale day.
  • All persons inspecting the property, attending an open house or auction do so at their own risk and shall not hold CJ Auctions or their agents liable for damages to their person or property.
  • ONLINE BIDDING: Individuals must wire 10% of opening bid amount (minimum $10,000) 48 hours prior to auction to be fully authorized to bid online. Contact CJ Auctions at 918 550 8118 for detailed wiring instructions.
  • Sale is subject to trustee confirmation.

LICENSE INFO: OK RE Lic# 159708 Ronn Cunningham | Cunningham Johnson Auctions LLC

SALE METHOD: Buyers’ Choice by the Acre.

How ‘Buyers Choice by the Acre’ works:

  • Buyer’s choice may be offered when more than one property/parcel is being auctioned.
  • Successful high bidder wins the right to choose a property/parcel or properties/parcels from a grouping of similar or like-kind properties.
  • After high bidder selection, the property is deleted from the group and the bidding commences again.
  • Process continues until all properties/parcels are selected.
  • When selling by the acre, high bid is multiplied by the number of acres in the parcel.

All map & boundary illustrations are approximate.